Monday, August 31, 2015

Funding and M&A Across the Techstars Ecosystem

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 2.22.50 PMIt’s time for another funding round up! Congratulations to these Techstars companies that were recently acquired:

Also, a big shout out to these Techstars alumni companies that have recently received notable* investments!  This brings us to a total of 75 Techstars companies acquired and over $1.8B raised by our accelerator companies.

260749v1-max-250x250 Plated (NYC ’13), the NY-based company that delivers pre-portioned ingredients and recipes at your door each week, has announced the close of a $35M Series B round.
Spot_Hero SpotHero (Chicago ‘12) is aiming to simplify the process and help drivers locate parking and reserve spots around the city through the company’s web and mobile apps. SpotHero announced recently that it has raised $20M in Series B funding led by Insight Venture Partners.
occipital Occipital (Boulder ’08) raised a $13 million Series B round from Intel Capital, Shea Ventures, Grishin Robotics and previous investor Foundry Group. This new funding round brings Occipital’s total funding to $21M.
leanplum-logo-icon Leanplum (Seattle ’12), a service that helps developers and marketers engage with mobile users through personalized messages, dynamic UI optimization and A/B testing services, announced that it has raised a $11.6M Series B round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.
chatid ChatID (NYC ‘11), a platform that enables chat communication between brands and consumers on the web and mobile devices, raised $11.2M in Series B funding.
logoicon-080114-final Owlet (R/GA ‘13), the Smart Sock that goes on babies and informs you if they’ve stopped breathing, has raised a $7 million A round.
cloud-ability-logo-2 Cloudability (Cloud ’12) has secured more than $6 million from investors. Cloudability offers a platform to manage cloud cost and usage analytics.
Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 3.13.17 PM Filament (R/GA ‘15) has raised $5 million to bring the blockchain to the internet of things. Filament provides standalone wireless networks that do not require any central routing service or cloud.
b95d1ca92383e523970cf0620bcfc5a8_400x400 FEM Inc. (Disney ’15) has raised $3M in seed funding to help with a video engagement platform called Prizma. FEM Inc. is a media technology company that has developed a video engagement platform offering smart syndication, analytics and more.
TradingView TradingView (Chicago ’13), a social fintech platform that unites traders and investors from around the world, received $3M in Series A funding.
self SelfLender (Austin ’15) raised $2M in seed funding. Self Lender is a fintech startup that helps you building credit history without hidden fees or high interest rates.

*notable = $2M or more.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Become a Leader in Your Startup Community: Webinar 8/27 with David Cohen

If you are interested in helping build your local startup community, you may want to check out this webinar the Founder Institute is hosting on August 27th.



On this “How to Become a Leader in Your Startup Community” webinar, they will outline the different resources needed to bolster your local ecosystem, and provide tips on how you can help startups and become a better startup mentor and advisor.

This event will feature David Cohen (Founder and Managing Partner of Techstars), Sergio Escobar (Managing Director of The Founder Institute Montreal), and Adeo Ressi (Founder & CEO of the Founder Institute, 9X entrepreneur, and Managing Director of Expansive Ventures).

It will take place on Thursday, August 27th at 8:00am PT (see local time here).

 RSVP to the Webinar here.

– The importance of mentorship in the startup landscape.
– How you can best help startups in your community.
– The types of programs and tools making a difference in communities across the globe.
– The steps you should take to become a leader in your startup community.

Learn more and RSVP here.

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Sponsorship in Action: MakersKit and American Airlines

We recently chatted with Mike Stone, cofounder of MakersKit, a Techstars alumni (NYC ‘14). MakersKit was founded to inspire creativity. The company shares its favorite ideas and offers the best tools and supplies to make DIY a blast. While MakersKit was in the Techstars program in New York City, they met and partnered with American Airlines, a global sponsor of Techstars. Under their Innovators Initiative, American Airlines has been supporting Techstars companies within all of our US-based programs with marketing opportunities, connections, travel grants since 2013.

Want to learn more about how startups can build marketing partnerships with corporations? Continue reading…

MakersKit - Sponsorship in Action

What has MakersKit been up to since going through the Techstars NYC 2014 program?

It has been a crazy year, in the very best way possible.

Before Techstars, it was just the two of us working out of my apartment. And now, a year later, we’ve created nearly fifty new jobs and our products are available in over 5,000 stores with retail partners including Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, West Elm and Williams-Sonoma. We’ve partnered with major brands like National Geographic, Macy’s and TOMS helping them use digital media to connect with millennials. The Techstars program helped us figure out our secret sauce, and now we’re helping brands create an experience by doing what we do best.

What is our secret sauce? We use digital media to teach new skills in an entertaining way, it’s all about the experience. We’re good at it because we’re authentic, our team is made up of makers and doers. Are we the best at what we do? I think we are, as do the brands that are working with us. Awesome brands like MakerBot, LittleBits, Raspberry Pi, and Bare Conductive are made more mainstream and accessible by partnering with us.

How did MakersKit discover—and choose to develop a partnership with—American Airlines?

American Airlines was one of the many sponsors of our Techstars program in NYC, but to us they stood out by being the most helpful. Through their Business Extra program, we received travel grants and benefits because of their partnership with Techstars. We travel, a lot. The three month program was right in the middle of our national book tour in partnership with Macy’s, and every flight we took was with American. The Business Extra program has great perks and the Admirals Club lounges don’t hurt either. Complimentary cocktails? Yes, please

MakersKit was featured in American Airlines’ American Way in-flight magazine. How did that happen? And what were the results of that feature?

Any press is good press, but being featured in American Way is great press. They feature one up and coming startup every month in their “Innovators” article. We honestly didn’t know what to expect to come out of the article at first, but then the calls started to come in, “I read about you while on a flight to…” which would lead to “how many containers can you ship”… not digital containers, but freight containers you can fit a couple houses into.

Oh, and it also caught the attention of Home Depot, who happens to have over 2,000 stores.

MakersKit team - sponsorship in actionWhat is the latest at MakersKit?

We’re publishing our second book, opening up pop-up stores in LA, Austin, NYC, Chicago and Seattle, launching NatGeo by MakersKit, and partnered up with TOMS #TOMSxMakersKit. We also won first place Content Technology Company at Las Vegas at SXSW V2V.

Do you have any advice for other founders who want to leverage corporations for marketing and business development opportunities?

Do it. Seriously.

Partnerships and deals with major companies give us a step up over our competitors. Find out what you do better than anyone else, and leverage that to get you things that even money can’t buy. Find brands that align with your mission or customer base, it basically has to make sense for both of you. NatGeo is ranked #1 among social publishers so why would they ever partner with a startup like us? Long story short, there’s something we do better than any other company, too. MakersKit has the largest US and Canadian retail distribution in our industry, something every brand would love to leverage by partnering with us.


You can follow @MakersKit and @AmericanAir on Twitter.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

How an innovation in magnets could make nuclear fusion power a reality

How an innovation in magnets could make nuclear fusion power a reality

Using recent innovations in magnet technology, engineers could be able to make nuclear fusion power a reality.

A joke that nuclear engineers like to tell is that commercial nuclear fusion power is a technology that is 50 years away and has been for decades. ZME Science reports a new engineering breakthrough that might shorten that time considerably.

The way that a standard fusion reactor, called a tokamak, works is that hydrogen isotope atoms are smashed together to form helium and a great deal of energy. The resulting plasma, which is hotter than the cores of stars, is contained by powerful magnets that also serve to sustain the fusion reaction.

The problem is that previous controlled fusion experiments have consumed more energy to sustain the reaction than the reaction produced. This problem is where the new breakthrough, developed by researchers at MIT, comes in.

The MIT engineers have developed new magnets made of rare-earth barium copper oxide (REBCO) superconducting tapes. Magnets made of the new material create a magnetic field almost double the strength of magnets that have hitherto been used.

The development means that the plasma can be confined to a smaller space, which means that the fusion reactors can be built smaller and more cheaply. More importantly, doubling the strength of the magnetic field increases the energy produced by the fusion reaction 10 to 16 times previous results, more than enough to make the reactor a practical generator of limitless, clean energy.

The design of the reactor using the new magnets will be much like the $40 billion tokamaks being built in France, but for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time it takes to build. The reactor will be able to sustain a fusion process, unlike the French tokamak, which can only create a fusion reaction for few seconds. Thus, the innovation may cause a fusion future to at last become a reality.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bleeding Green Stars: Announcing the New Managing Director for Austin

My formal introduction to Techstars was in early 2013 shortly after Jason Seats moved to Austin to start the program here.  Upon meeting Jason, two things quickly became apparent to me — first, that Techstars was going to be an amazing addition to the Austin startup community and second, that I wanted to become part of it! Jason asked me to be a mentor and I also become an LP in the first fund.  From the very first program in 2013, I was hooked! At the outset, I expected that I might spend a little time with a company or two but over the next two years, I found myself increasingly involved – and in this last program, I spent time with about half the companies.

Many things impress me about Techstars. First of all, from top to bottom it is a very high caliber group of people. Every single person I’ve met, with no exception, is smart, articulate, passionate, experienced and clearly bleed green stars.  This isn’t only the Techstars staff, but also the mentors and companies as well.  It’s very clear that Techstars attracts the best people around.

When Jason announced earlier this year that he would be moving over to the Techstars Ventures Fund and looking for a replacement, everyone wondered how they would ever fill his shoes.  Then one day over coffee, Jason and I discussed the possibility of me taking over the Managing Director role for Austin.  I left that meeting both excited and flattered.  Over the next few days as I thought about becoming the new Managing Director, I realized that it is the role I have been working towards for many years…

Over my 20 year career, I’ve been a part of six early stage companies, three of those as either founder or cofounder. I have been the fortunate recipient of some incredible mentoring and am extremely passionate about helping startups succeed. My new role with Techstars as Managing Director of the Austin program allows me to bring these learnings to the table to lead the next Austin class to success. I am so thrilled to get started and look forward to contributing as much as possible to the growth of the Austin startup community.

I’m excited to announce the next Techstars program in Austin begins in February 2016 with applications opening in September.  I can’t wait to start recruiting more great companies to Techstars and Austin!

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Innovation Management’s 5 Must-Haves

Innovation Management's 5 Must-Haves

The best and only chance to innovate is by creating project teams comprised of the professionals with the collective skills to design and produce what the customer needs.

Good managers can manage anything, right? Not so. Managing innovation is a world apart from the days of traditional top-down styled organizations.

Here’s why. Savvy stakeholders know that only a laser focus on happy customers translates into sustainable success and significant market share. And in our highly competitive, fast-paced global economy, only innovation as the norm attracts and retains happy customers.

Let’s take a look at innovation management’s five must-haves to create an enterprise in which innovation is the norm.

1. Project teams

Erase that old organization chart from your mind—and more important, from the minds of your employees.

The best and only chance to innovate—really to develop any new product or service virtually defect-free and at the lowest cost possible—results from creating project teams comprised of the professionals with the collective skills to design and produce what the customer needs.

If the designers are sitting in a room talking only to themselves, the engineers may develop a process that skews the desired outcome. The defective product then has to be retrofitted or redesigned. Ask Fiat-Chrysler how that’s working for them now that the National Highway Safety Administration has fined them $105 million.

Project teams ensure that the design and the process to develop the product will work hand-in-glove and produce a successful outcome the first time. Cross-collaboration and teamwork have built-in course corrections along the way.

2. Risk takers

There used to be a certain comfort level in narrowly defining your own role and the role of others. That old org chart was safe.

Innovation, on the other hand, is messy. It’s fluid. Embedded in an innovation culture is a collective willingness to turn away from the well-worn, safe path and embrace test after test—even persist—when an idea seems worthy of the effort.

Innovation management calls for deciding which ideas merit a serious collective investment, and then rewarding collective risk taking along the way.

3. Adequate resources

If you have watched TV’s “Shark Tank,” you know how often entrepreneurs have a recognizably novel idea but virtually no sales. Why? They don’t have the capital to push enough product to test the marketplace’s response. Do they get a deal in the Tank? Almost never.

Adequate resources is not the same as an unlimited supply of resources to ensure the product’s success. It requires instead that the C-suite and the Project Manager develop a realistic budget that reflects what the project team needs, in human and other resources, to design and develop a new product.

The good news? A project team with its built-in creativity and flexibility, may be able to identify a new process, a new supplier, or a new design that saves resources in the end.

4. Crowdsourcing, outsourcing, and partnerships

Old-style corporations attempted to contain all the skill sets, resources, and processes for their products in house, which created lumbering, unwieldy organizations with too many layers and high overhead costs.

Newer enterprises have learned from that lesson, and the best of the older ones—like Nike, IBM, and even NASA—have, too.

Innovation management comfortably pivots outside the enterprise to attract skills and other resources as needed to design and develop new products with lower costs. These days a manager and project team turn to crowdsourcing, outsourcing, or other types of partnerships (public-private, for instance) to devise the best solutions for customers.

5. Customer feedback

Finally, innovation management requires building relationships with customers to ensure that product ideas will have traction with consumers, and that product designs are user friendly. Seeking customer feedback at key junctions during the design and development process is the only way to avoid the need to retrofit or redesign later.

Innovation management means building a culture that is flexible, focused on customers, and comfortable with risk and change. The reward is a brand that becomes known over time for offering new and exciting products and services.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

[VIDEO] Mentor Spotlight: Julia Austin

Today’s mentor spotlight is on Julia Austin! Julia is an entrepreneur herself and an advisor and investor of early stage startups. Right now, she is advising a bunch of early stage companies in the Boston area and stewing on the next big thing. Julia has been a Techstars Mentor since January 2014 as well as an investor in several Techstars companies.

Check out this one-minute spotlight video to learn what being a Techstars Mentor means to Julia!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Guest Post: Techstars’ Basic Training for Veteran Entrepreneurs

I spent the last weekend in July at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill at Patriot Boot Camp (PBC), a Techstars backed summit for service members and veterans interested in learning how to launch and build technology Startups.


As a transitioning Army officer interested in entrepreneurship and tech, PBC was just what I needed.  From the Pledge of Allegiance Friday morning to Retired Army General George Casey’s keynote address Sunday morning, this three day “Boot Camp” was a high octane crash course in the fundamentals of starting Startups.

Throughout the weekend, Techstars presented us with extended access to experts across the Startup community.  For me, the highlights stemmed from the organizers’ ability to smoothly package and deliver three things that those who have served are well familiar with: training, coaching, and mentoring.

  1. Relevant Training.  

Just like military leaders must know doctrine to plan operations and accomplish their missions, entrepreneurs must also master the fundamentals of building sound businesses that can grow and scale.  Patriot Boot Camp was committed to education from the outset.  Weeks ahead of the conference, participants received an extensive reading list from which to prepare.  Each day at the event, CEOs, founders, investors, and mentors led classes and seminars.  The material was vast in terms of depth and breadth.


  1.  Expert Individual and Collective Coaching.  

The quality of the cohort of advisors in attendance was stellar, and coaching entrepreneurs was a key focus of the event.  In the first 48 hours I received coaching on how to outline a business idea, conduct customer discovery, pitch to investors, raise funding, build a team, split-test, and grow.  Attendees who came to the conference with an idea left with a gameplan for execution.

  1.  Unparalleled Mentoring.

But for me, the highlight of PBC — and what makes this conference so special — is the emphasis on mentorship.  Dave Cass, CEO of Uvize (a mentorship platform), told all of us early and often to take advantage of the mentors who had traveled from all over the world (Bay Area to London) to help veterans and spouses.  The 50+ mentors included a blend of investors, founders, and educators, and hailed from the likes of Techstars, UNC, Google, and Facebook.

Each afternoon — in what from a distance could be mistaken for speed dating — PBC veterans sat down with mentors for one on one conversations about their products, their ideas, their businesses, and their transitions from the military to the Startup space.  These high impact sessions were half an hour each, but each mentor that I met with in these sessions (10 in total), without exception, has already followed-up and promised to keep in touch.  The sincerity, authenticity, and “give first” mentality of the mentors at PBC was unbelievable, and difficult to imagine in or out of the military.

Onward to Motor City.

PBC and Techstars ascribe to a simple mantra: Give First. Their values — education, community, and mentorship — were clearly communicated and reiterated throughout the conference.  At the conference selfless service and energy are palpable and ubiquitous.

Through outstanding training, committed coaching, and deliberate mentoring through a relentlessly focused agenda, Patriot Boot Camp delivered.

Just like new Soldiers must go to Basic Training to learn to shoot, move, and communicate, entrepreneurs must master the basics.  To that end, Techstars has succeeded in building a Boot Camp capable of providing outstanding training and mentorship in a brief period of time.
Our country needs more Vets in the technology Startup space.  Thankfully, Techstars has succeeded in creating a conference in true Startup fashion that is scalable and repeatable, and will be running more boot camps in the months and years to come.

Check out the full post on the Patriot Boot Camp Blog.

Tyler Matthews is an Army Captain and Chief of Staff of SoloPro. He attended Patriot Boot Camp in July, 2015 at the University of North Carolina.

Tyler is an active duty Army captain. Everything here is his own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of his unit or the U.S. Army.



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Friday, August 7, 2015

An Innovation that Increases Food Production by Hacking Photosynthesis

An Innovation that Increases Food Production by Hacking Photosynthesis

By hacking photosynthesis processes in plants, scientists are working to increase crop yields without using more resources.

With human populations continuing to grow and with the amount of arable land steadily running out, scientists are trying to figure out innovations on how to increase crop yields without consuming more resources. According to a recent article in Gizmodo, some researchers are thinking about how to hack a process called photosynthesis in order to grow more food.

As anyone knows who remembers their high school biology class, photosynthesis is a process that most plants use to convert the sun’s energy into chemical energy, i.e. sugars. The problem is that plants are very inefficient solar collectors, converting only a few percent of the photons they receive into biomass. However, in theory,   that amount can be boosted to 12 percent.

Thus far, scientists have only achieved some success in creating more light efficient algae used to create biofuel. However, there is no reason higher plants cannot also be engineered in the same way. Techniques being considered include creating more efficient light gathering pigments to finding ways for plants to absorb a wider spectrum of light than they currently are able to do.

Another substance that plants absorb to create biomass is carbon dioxide. Here too, the efficiency of plants to absorb CO2 can be boosted. A happy side effect would be that more of that greenhouse gas will be absorbed into plants and be used to create biomass and oxygen.

The third method that scientists are looking at to improve plant efficiency is a concept called “smart canopies.” Because of evolution’s survival of the fittest, some plants tend to block access to sunlight for others. Creating plants that share more sunlight with other plants would go a long way toward increasing their yields, without consuming more resources.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Guest Post: From a Community Perspective – View on Techstars Acquisition of UP Global

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.01.43 AM

Guest post By Kathleen Fritzsche

Kathleen attended her first Startup Weekend in 2010 and has been co-organizing and facilitating several events since then. She co-founded StartUp Stuttgart in 2011, the main startup community in Southwest Germany, and Accelerate Stuttgart in 2012. Accelerate Stuttgart is building an accelerator program for startups in Stuttgart and the region. @Kathl_Fritzsche

After the announcement of the UP Global acquisition by Techstars I was asked to write about it from a community perspective.  Eventually, it took me four weeks to come up with this post as it wasn’t easy to put all my thoughts into one text.

I recently had the chance to spend a few days with a bunch of amazing Startup Weekend facilitators and very good friends in Norway. It was like a big family reunion, old friends coming together with the certainty that all of us share a common story and vision.

I feel a special bond with these people, it’s my tribe. We are united by our vision to change the world through education and entrepreneurship and to help our local communities to grow and thrive. It feels very special to me to be part of this global movement of highly motivated entrepreneurs who want to give back to their communities.

We often have a similar story how we got involved with Startup Weekend in the first place. We attended our first event by chance, maybe because one of our friends told us to definitely attend this unusual event. We often had unsatisfying professional careers at that point and our first Startup Weekend was a complete game changer for our life plans. For my part, I turned away from a boring and safe corporate career to get involved with startups and to co-found a startup community initiative that later led to the creation of my current company.

Nevertheless, over the years I’ve also struggled with the organization behind the movement. I went through a few periods of doubt if this is the path I want to follow, volunteering for a global initiative with some serious problems on the organizational level. However, throughout my own struggles in life and business, I’ve always come back to Startup Weekend (or UP Global for a while) to find purpose and strength to continue what I truly love and believe in: inspiring other people and showing them opportunities beyond their predetermined career and outside their (and my) comfort zone.

At the time of the announcement of the acquisition, our Startup Weekend organizer and facilitator community went through big discussions, especially concerning the volunteering part for a now for-profit company. Many volunteers doubted and doubt their future commitment and involvement with the movement. I was honoured to be involved in part of the process leading up to the announcement, so I might be a bit biased. Nevertheless, I believe that it is a big opportunity for the whole community! Two tribes are joining forces with a common vision to change people’s lives through entrepreneurship. Techstars’ and Startup Weekend’s history are tied together from the beginnings. It all began with one event in Boulder in 2007, now we are at more than 7000 events in over 120 countries. It is a powerful movement with such a huge global impact over the years. I truly hope that Techstars will continue to follow the path Startup Weekend and UP Global paved!

I genuinely believe in the power of this tribe, my tribe! I always felt I was different – thank you to the Startup Weekend and UP Global family for giving me a home and connecting me to the crazy ones!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Announcing Our Diversity Commitment as Part of White House Demo Day

Today we are excited to announce our Diversity Commitment as part of White House Demo Day.

The topic of diversity (or lack thereof) is a hot one in our industry. We know the numbers are not good across the board and we all need to step up to make them better. Techstars wants to improve opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities throughout our global ecosystem and open the door to entrepreneurs everywhere.  We know that these founders not only bring a diverse perspective and a wealth of innovative ideas — but according to recent research — companies with female founders often outperform their male peers.

To advance inclusive entrepreneurship, Techstars commits to:

  • Double the number of women in our accelerator program applicant pool and across our mentor network over four years.
  • Track participation in our programs by underrepresented minorities and double that from the baseline over the same time period.
  • Publish our diversity data annually.
  • Train staff on ‘unconscious bias’ and ensure that every selection committee includes at least two women so that female founders are represented in the selection process.

Through our continued partnership with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), Techstars will set aggressive goals for internal change as a key player in NCWIT’s national entrepreneurship strategy. We will offer access, membership, and resources to the 600+ companies in our portfolio and to the 200 companies we add annually. Additionally, we will offer mentorship opportunities between our Managing Directors and our extensive network of founders to the technical women in the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Community.

We are proud of our partnership with NCWIT and look forward to doing great things together. We are also excited to expand on the work done by our Rising Stars program to open the door for female and minority founders everywhere.

To learn more about the Techstars partnership with the Obama administration to advance inclusive entrepreneurship, check out the White House Fact Sheet. I’ll be there today to represent Techstars as part of the announcement.

If you’d like to learn more, the White House will be tweeting live from the event today at 3:45 p.m. ET from the @WhiteHouse and @WhiteHouseOSTP handles using the hashtag #WHDemoDay.

The event will also be live streamed at

We are excited to be a part of it!

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Techstars and Chase Power Startup Week to Celebrate Entrepreneurs

Today Techstars is excited to announce the continuation of a partnership with Chase to present Startup Week Powered by Chase, a community-led celebration of entrepreneurs.


Now in its second year, this national sponsorship grew out of Chase’s title role in Denver Startup Week, the largest free entrepreneur event in North America. Startup Week brings entrepreneurs, local leaders, and friends together over five days of free programming, speakers, education and networking to build momentum and opportunity around a community’s unique entrepreneurial identity.

Business owners Mark Frommeyer & Joe DeLoss, along with Jeff Lyttle, Sr. Vice President, Media & Community Engagement at Chase, speak on a panel at Columbus Startup Week about their entrepreneurial journey and what it takes to build a successful business.

Starting in October in Seattle and continuing into spring of 2016, the following cities will host a Startup Week, created by local community leaders with support from Techstars and Chase:

  • Seattle – Oct. 26-30, 2015
  • Tampa Bay – Feb. 8-12, 2016
  • Phoenix – Feb. 22-26, 2016
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth – April 12-16, 2016
  • Columbus, Ohio – May 2-6, 2016
  • Detroit – New for 2016! Date TBD

With this ongoing support from Chase, Startup Week will continue to build upon the efforts already made by our local organizers to grow their entrepreneurial ecosystems and deepen the connections made in their communities. We are especially excited to take Startup Week to Detroit, where Techstars and JPMorgan Chase both have deep commitments. These communities are the lifeblood of future economic growth and development, and the sponsorship from Chase is vital to the long-term positive impact entrepreneurial ecosystems are having on the world.

Nicholas Karnaze, founder & CEO of Stubble & ‘Stache, leads a fireside chat at Tampa Bay Startup Week.

On a related note, Jamie Dimon, Chairman & CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co., will speak today at CU Boulder on the topic of innovation and its critical importance to a thriving entrepreneurial environment. Jamie will be joined by Brad Feld, co-founder of Techstars, Managing Director of Foundry Group, and author of Startup Communities. The discussion will focus on Jamie’s perspectives on building entrepreneurial communities and how entrepreneurial approaches translate in different contexts.

Techstars is proud to partner with Chase to bring together entrepreneurs and local leaders to build startup communities around the world!  Visit us at

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Applications Open for Barclays Accelerator, Powered by Techstars in London

After a little downtime, we cannot wait to go again. We are incredibly excited to announce that applications are now open for the third class of the Barclays Accelerator, Powered by Techstars in London!

We are looking for the next generation of game changing FinTech startups to take their businesses to the next level. Selected companies will have 3 months of world class mentorship from two exceptional networks, the chance to pursue and fast-track partnerships within Barclays, and up to $120k in funding from Techstars.

We are extremely proud of awesome alumni who have been hitting the headlines since leaving the accelerator (see below) – indeed 70% of the companies from the last class signed a deal within the 13 weeks of the programme to explore opportunities within Barclays.

If you are a startup working in machine learning, lending, digital banking solutions, trading, cyber security, data analytics, payments, cryptocurrency, insurance, wealth management and beyond – apply here before 11th October and join us for an incredible journey. If you would like to find out more, please visit our website, our blog, or get in touch.

Dopay Banks $2M to Launch A Cloud Payroll Service for The Unbanked | TechCrunch

Financial Wellbeing Startup Squirrel Wins Pitch@Palace | Wired

Magnificent: Barclays and Safello to co-create a Bitcoin Platform | Bitcoin News Service

Post-Quantum Encryption No Longer a Laughing Matter | TechCrunch

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