Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cooking Site And Online Shop Food52 Picks Up $6 Million More

food52 Crowdsourced cooking and commerce site Food52 has extended its runaway a bit, picking up $6 million in additional funding in a round that’s being characterized as the company’s “Series A-1.” The round is led by Alex Zubillaga of investment firm 14W, who is now joining Food52’s board. Other investors include the Scripps Network Interactive (the parent company… Read More

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Live Updates: Hong Kong Protesters Stay Put as China Refuses to Back Down


Protesters are continuing to flood the streets of Hong Kong as the pro-democracy demonstrations enter a pivotal day, Oct. 1, the beginning of a two-day national holiday to celebrate the Republic of China. The activists of Occupy Central (also known as the Umbrella Revolution) had set Wednesday as the deadline for the government to meet their demands for free elections in 2017.

But Hong Kong's leader said Tuesday that China wouldn't back down from its decision to have candidates screened by a Beijing-friendly panel. That means the protesters are likely to stay out in full force, with no easy resolution in sight. But the atmosphere on the streets has been calm of late. Read more...

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How To Fix Your Bent iPhone 6 Plus (Don't Try at Home)


Bendgate. Bendghazi. Call it what you want — what you need is a solution.

When you just can't choose between your sleek, new phablet and your stylish skinny jeans, there is one solution for fixing your bendable iPhone 6 Plus: a drill press

Desperate times call for desperate measures. But we suggest leaving this to professionals.

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Phraseboard Keyboard For iOS 8 Lets You Tap Once To Type Pet Phrases

Phraseboard If you frequently find yourself typing out the same pet phrases on your phone when texting or composing emails then point your fingers at this new keyboard app for iOS 8. Read More

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This Political Video About Tech And SF’s Schools Is Too Depressingly Real

one-city I’m normally loathe to talk about political ads, but this is actually a good idea. Sf.citi, which is a Ron Conway-backed non-profit intended to represent tech companies at a civic level within San Francisco, is trying to get startups to “adopt” city public schools. They make a one-year minimum commitment to volunteer resources and time to match whatever a principal says… Read More

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Fleksy Expands Its Distribution Footprint In A Bid To Rule The Keyboard Roost

fleksy Fleksy is following up its iOS 8 software keyboard launch with a debut on two new app markets, including the Samsung GALAXY Apps store and the Amazon Appstore. In time for this new availability, it’s also launching a new Android version that adds two new languages and also brings a brand new keyboard design for wearables, as well as better emoji, improved animations and general… Read More

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Roadtrippers: 'You're Always 5 Minutes Away From Something Interesting'


Put down that phone and open a map — it’s time for an adventure. For many of us, wanderlust is a constant presence in our lives. Countless minutes are spent daydreaming at our office desks, thinking about packing up our car and setting out on the road.

For James Fisher and Tatiana Parent, married cofounders of Roadtrippers, this dream is a reality. Their job is to travel and to inspire others to take the plunge.

"What started [Roadtrippers] was my family, and the family business," Fisher says. "I was growing up with an African safari company. I actually grew up in the back of a truck — didn’t go to much school or university — and we would do these epic road trips in South Africa.” Read more...

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BlackBerry Teases New Device Plans as Turnaround Takes Shape

Even as it pivots to focus more on software and services, the company that gained fame for its smartphones is not giving up on its handset business -- yet.

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