Saturday, May 31, 2014

Samsung confirms plans for Tizen-based smart TVs, will release SDK to developers in July

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Samsung is ramping up its preparations to release products based on the new Tizen operating system after it announced plans to introduce an SDK (software development kit) for smart TV products from... Keep reading →

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Is Some Tech Too Addictive?

help tech Addiction can be a difficult thing to see. From outward appearances, Dr. Zoe Chance looked fine. A professor at the Yale School of Management with a doctorate from Harvard, Chance’s pedigree made what she revealed in front of a crowded TEDx audience all the more shocking. “I’m coming clean today telling this story for the very first time in its raw ugly detail,” she said. Read More

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Viral Video Recap: The Glorious Return of Keyboard Cat and More


One of the Internet's favorite cats is back in this week's viral video recap.

Keyboard Cat makes a return, playing "96 Tears" by Question Mark and the Mysterians. While this isn't the same as the original magical cat, which first gained popularity in 2009, it still has all the charm of the original.

Our recap also features the latest, greatest thing on the Internet: Morgan Freeman on helium. The segment was part of the Science Channel's science-documentary television series Through the Wormhole; in it, Freeman discusses physics concepts, while sampling a bit of the gas Read more...

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Teleportation Is Closer to Moving Data, But Not People


Humanity is one step nearer to quicker computers, but still very far away from Harry Potter-like apparating

Dutch physicists have successfully transported data from one electron to another three meters away, rendering previous doubts about quantum physics unfounded. The discovery — which took place at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, a branch of Delft University of Technology — was announced in a research paper released in Science, a journal published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

While quantum teleportation has been achieved in the past, this is the first time all of the data has transferred successfully, according to an report on CNET. Read more...

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Virgin America Puts Its Personality Into New Website


Virgin America is testing a new website that it hopes will greatly improve the booking process for travelers. After looking at how flyers were using its website to search and book flights, the airline sought to completely reinvent the web experience.

"We took a fresh look. We wanted to not even think about it as an airline site, but as an ecommerce site," Luanne Calvert, Virgin's chief marketing officer, told Mashable.

The site's design focuses on simplicity — seeking to create a more intuitive booking experience — as well as speed, on which Calvert said it already delivers. After booking a ticket on Virgin's new website in under four minutes, one user called the customer-support line just to compliment the company, according to Calvert. Read more...

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Google Received 12,000 Requests to be 'Forgotten' on First Day, Report Says


It's been less than 48 hours since Google launched its online tool that allows people in the European Union to request to be "forgotten" from search results, and the company has already received 12,000 requests, according to a new report.

The requests are in response to a European Court of Justice ruling earlier this month that found EU citizens have a "right to be forgotten" online and that Google must remove links to search results that can damage a person's reputation.

Reuters reports the company received 12,000 requests in the first 24 hours the form was online, with requests at times coming in as fast as 20 per minute

The form allows EU citizens to ask Google to remove links to search results where their names appear if the results are "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed." It is limited to citizens of the EU and those making link removal requests must provide documentation verifying their identity. Read more...

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Protesters Clash With Police During Gezi Park Anniversary March in Istanbul Turkey


Protesters in Istanbul, Turkey attempted to march to Taksim Square to commemorate the first anniversary of the Gezi Park protests and sit-in on Saturday, but were prevented from reaching their destination by police, who blocked access to the square and kept people away with tear gas and water cannons.

One year ago today, Turkish police violently dispersed a small sit-in at Gezi Park in Istanbul’s Taksim Square. It started with a small group that wanted to save the park from destruction (developers had plans for a shopping mall to be built there)

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After Expanding To Android, Addappt’s CEO Breaks Down Its Growth Plans

Mrinal Desai, founder and CEO of Addappt, is betting that people need a better way to keep their cell phone contact information up to date. Addappt, a smartphone app — iOS and Android — syncs contact information between users, allowing for individuals to remotely update their data on the phones of their friends. (For a more detailed dive into how Addappt works, TechCrunch has… Read More

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Dempsey: 'We Were Surprised' Donovan Was Cut From World Cup Team


Less than two weeks ahead of the World Cup's start, United States Mens' National Team (USMNT) star Clint Dempsey was in New York City in the midst of a whirlwind media tour preceding the tournament

Mashable got a chance to speak with Dempsey via phone on Friday. We talked Group of Death, Landon Donovan's startling omission from the World Cup squad, the role fans play in the team's quest for the knockout stage and more

The following transcript has been lightly edited for length and editorial style:

Q&A with Clint Dempsey

Mashable: You were a late scratch from the team's recent tuneup match against Azerbaijan, so got to watch from the sideline. What did you see from the squad, both good and bad? Read more...

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Could Rising Costs Mean the End of Craft Beer Brewers?

With the increased price of hops, craft beer makers could end up being sold to beverage giants.

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You Have The Right To Manage Your Own Online Persona

In_defense_of_Miley_and_other_teen_stars Kids today have pretty much had their entire lives on public display from the time their mother posted their first embryo shot on Facebook. And currently there’s no way in the US to erase yourself, embarrassments and all, online. But with the rise of anonymous apps, there is a way to separate who you want to be publicly from who you are and what you think about privately. This concept… Read More

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