Monday, June 30, 2014

Three Missing Israeli Teens Found Dead


Three Israeli teenagers who disappeared more than two weeks ago in the occupied West Bank were reportedly found dead on Monday, the BBC and other news outlets reported

Israeli officials quickly imposed a gag order, making it hard for Israeli journalists to report on the news, but an official told The New York Times that the Israeli Army found the three bodies buried “in a field near Hebron.”

Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach were last seen hitchhiking near Hebron. Their disappearance sparked a massive social media campaign, under the hashtag #bringbackourboys.

Israeli officials have accused the militant group Hamas of abducting teenager — an accusation Hamas has repeatedly denied. Read more...

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Android One May Boost Google's Dominance in India


Sundar Pichai kicked off Google’s rapid-fire announcements at its annual conference on June 25 with one that hits close to home. The Android chief, a native of India, lamented the slow adoption of smartphones there and said Google would embark on an initiative to help the country along.

Pichai said the project, called Android One, is designed to help local hardware manufacturers build better, cheaper smartphones that’ll enable more people in emerging markets to afford to participate in the information revolution. Here’s what it's really about: Google doesn’t want to lose its grip on Android like it has in China. Read more...

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Yo, Adrian! Netflix Is About to Lose 80 Movies


Netflix will soon remove 80 movies from its library, including Rocky II and the three Rocky sequels after that.

The loss is much smaller than some previous purges, including almost 2,000 movies in April 2013 and 1,000 in March 2012, when the company's agreement with Starz expired.

The list was compiled at the website Nerdiots, which also found that Netflix will be adding some movies in July as well.

Among the movies leaving the service are sci-fi movies Gattaca and Event Horizon, classics including The African Queen and Taxi Driver and the seminal Arnold Schwarzenegger hits The Running Man and The Terminator. Read more...

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Mistaken Identity: People Angry at Supreme Court Decision Vent at Blog


The Supreme Court issued a contentious 5-4 decision at the end of its term Monday, decreeing that Hobby Lobby — and by extension any other "closely held" family company — did not have to pay for employee contraception under the Affordable Care Act

Furious at the decision, many Twitter users took to the service to express their rage. The Supreme Court has no Twitter account — but try telling that to the activists who tweeted at SCOTUSblog, an independent and highly respected news site that covers the court, as if it were the court itself

SCOTUSblog decided to have a little fun with the mistake, responding to and reposting more than a dozen outraged tweets and counting: Read more...

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NASA Releases Footage Celebrating 10 Years of Cassini's Saturn Orbit


A new NASA video looks back at the Cassini spacecraft's arrival at Saturn, which happened 10 years ago next week.

The Cassini flashback video, which NASA released June 24, shows the tense scene at mission control at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., on the night of June 30, 2004, as the probe prepared to execute a crucial engine burn that would allow it to enter orbit around Saturn.

This was a huge moment — one that the mission team had been waiting for since Cassini launched in October 1997.

"The flight team is in place for SOI — that is, Saturn orbit insertion," the mission commentator said at the time, as captured in the new NASA video. "That is when the spacecraft must be captured by Saturn's gravity, or it will fly right on past the planet and the mission will be over." Read more...

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Expect to See More App-Install Ads on Twitter


Twitter is expanding the use of its app-install ads globally and has introduced a new pricing model for advertisers in which they won't pay unless someone clicks on one of the ads.

The move, which Twitter announced on a blog post on Monday, is an expansion of a program the company introduced in April with Spotify, Kabam, Deezer and HotelTonight. Such ads beckon consumers to click through to download an app. For instance, a Sponsored Tweet for Spotify might send an iPhone user to the App Store.

The ads are targeted by interest, keywords, gender, language, geography and the type of device used, among other factors Read more...

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How to Create a Healthy Startup Atmosphere

Keeping you and your team working in a balanced way can affect whether your enterprise sputters or goes the distance.

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Denis Leary is Heading Back to TV in 'Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll' for FX


Denis Leary is heading back to FX

The former Rescue Me star's show, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, has been picked up for 10 episodes, set to premiere in 2015, the network announced Monday

SEE ALSO: 10 New Summer Series to Keep Your TV Addiction Alive

The show centers on an aging rock star named Johnny Rock (Leary), who is looking for his second chance for fame 25 years after he messed up his first shot at stardom by succumbing to booze and drugs — and sleeping with his bandmate's (John Corbett) wife. And his other bandmate's fiancé. The show picks up as Leary is attempting to reunite his band, The Heathens Read more...

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Terrell Owens, 50 Cent, Timbaland Team Up with Celebrity-Driven App “Hang w/” (Video)

In this Google Hangout, Owens discusses his investment in a new app. Plus: Maltin, the app's creator, reveals how to lock in celebrity investors.

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Facebook Makes Me Want to Shout and/or Murmur

Tell Us: Will Facebook's Unethical User Experiment Make You Quit?

Emotions are running high over an experiment where Facebook manipulated news feeds to see how users’ emotional states would be affected.

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Databricks Snags $33M In Series B And Debuts Cloud Platform For Processing Big Data

Sparks flying from a sparkler. Databricks, the commercial entity created by the developers of the open source Apache Spark project, announced $33M in Series B funding today and the launch of a new cloud product, their first one as a company. There is little doubt that big data is a big deal these days and companies are popping up to help customers process the data. Databricks hopes to simplify the entire matter by moving it… Read More

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